we offer our service at a low cost with 100% workmanship. affordable prices on aircon sales installation repairs and services

we service air-conditioners @ R350.00 full service  and  were repair @ R350.00 per hour plus cost of the part that needs to be replaced. we offer discounts depends on the amount of work you give us. FREE CALL OUT FEE 

Full service:

  • check refrigerant ( gas)pressure
  • clean filter with anti bacteria spray
  • check compressor capacitors and current draw
  • fix electrical loose connections
  • check vibrations
  • test compressor pumping efficiency
  • check water drainage
  • clean evaporator coil
  • clean condenser coil

AIR-CONDITIONER  PRICES :  PLEASE CONTACT SALES  ON 0218297626 , we guarantee you that our prices includes installation are far better than our competitors .( Samsung and alliance)

How do you know the correct air-conditioner size for your room?

formula:  cross-section area ( L*W)  multiply  by 600= ???btu

e.g 3m*4m*600=7200btu  therefore  you need 9000btu air-conditioner that is the smallest air-conditioner we have.


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